Cakes to Yerevan

  Welcome to our kitchen where we bake our cakes.  Just take a look inside our cakes, how moist and fruitful it is.  This is how all of our cakes are made with high quality ingredients and individual care for each and every one of the cake orders we get.  Fondant icing and marzipan are used to get creative and make special cakes for different occasions.  

  What really makes us different from other websites is that all the pictures you see in our cake categories is made by us, unlike others where they copy internet photos to make it look nice, but the end result is nothing like the picture. At AnemonSalon we are always open with our costumers about what we do and how we do it.  We try to give you as much choices we can so that you can costumize the cake you want to your specific need and taste, and if something is missing that you want to add, we ask you to please give us a call or skype us and we will be glad to assist you with further services.  

  Our cake specialists can make cakes per your request even if its not in our catalog, all you have to do is contact us before time and we will be glad to give you a estimate right away.  You can find more information about contacting us by clicking HERE.

  Thank you for ordering Cakes from where your satisfaction is our pleasure. Order Cakes with ease by using PayPal which is safe and fast.